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Rosemary Lemon Cocktail Mixer - 4oz

Rosemary Lemon Cocktail Mixer - 4oz

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Rosemary Lemon Cocktail Mixer

This craft cocktail mixer is our modern twist on a classic whiskey sour recipe. Balanced with orange and a hint of rosemary, this drink mixer pairs perfectly with bourbon, vodka or make it mocktail with a splash of soda water. The perfect holiday gift for cocktail lovers!

We make this premium cocktail mixer simply. Lemon, water, honey, orange and rosemary. That's it!

• Handcrafted with fresh Ingredients: The key to any good cocktail is fresh ingredients. That’s why Mixly is handcrafted using high-quality ingredients like, fresh squeezed juices, and honey simple syrup to provide a unique and refreshing cocktail experience. 

• Sweetened with Honey: No cane sugar or artificial sweeteners here! Mixly elixirs are made with all natural honey for the perfect touch of sweetness. 

• Cocktail or Mocktail mixer: Perfect for a non alcoholic drink set or a zero proof bar category. Or, great in a cocktail/bar tools section! Mixly is made to mix your way.


lemon juice, water, honey, orange juice and rosemary

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