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Guy Fox

Guy Fox Cologne - JP

Guy Fox Cologne - JP

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Guy Fox Cologne

Pronounced (“Jay-Pee”)

JP recently found out his name is actually John Paul (First & Middle Name) and not John-Paul (First Name) like last year. So, if you're a fan of 26 year old surprises, this is the scent for you!

What WE Say:

Super unique and, honestly, hard to put your finger on. Good "zesty" vibe to it, plus some warmness that'll make you feel great. Little sweet but not overbearing. We've been told it's a great "Barbershop-style" fragrance so we'll take it!

What THEY Say:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Ginger, Grapefruit

Mid Notes: Apple, Geranium, Sage, Rose

Base Notes: Cashmere Wood, Vetiver, Cedar

Scent Family: Aromatic

Type: Eau de Parfum (22% concentration)

Size: 50ml

This cologne will last 4-6+ months based on usage.

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